Dear Readers,

Season's Greetings from snowy New Hampshire! Peace and joy to each of you. I hope you enjoy my new slide show. I chose these pictures carefully, as each one depicts a different emotion for me, especially during the holiday season.

The tree ornaments remind me of my favorite things; the moose of my north country home, the loon, my writing inspiration, and of course a chocolate Lab, our faithful companion, Shamus. (No, I don't have any ornaments of a Maine Coon cat. Shame on me!)

The glowing lamppost warms the dreary days of winter and serves as a welcoming beacon after a long day at work; the deer, both real and grapevine ground me.

The clock represents time - and how quickly if flies. Use it wisely, my friends. The older we get, the more precious it becomes. And speaking of precious, do you like my busy little Grand's hands and the delightful cookies they made? They bring me much joy.

And finally, a picture of our cemetery. Why that, you ask? As I said earlier, I wish you peace and joy during this holiday season. They aren't synonymous but they aren't exclusive, either. The cemetery represents a sense of peace, for although I may not have loved ones at my side, they are near me and they are at peace. Therefore, so am I.

So, my dear friends, peace and joy come in all forms and sizes. I pray you find yours as I have found mine.

Warm wishes,


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