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There were times throughout the course of writing Loon Cove when I wondered if I could go on. Where would the next scene come from? From what recesses of my mind could I conjure up the next event? Oh, the dreaded writer’s blocks. As much as I tried to avoid them, they lurked in the shadows, always ready to lunge out and wrap their gangly tentacles around my brain. Sometimes they stifled my creative juices to the point where I was ready to throw in the towel. Then… fate would intervene in a most unpredictable way.

I recall one scene I had written where Audrey was covering a children’s fishing derby. She had wandered over to the prize table, spotted a child’s fishing vest and picked it up for a closer inspection. Ben had come up behind her and by way of a greeting said, “I don’t think it will fit.” Shortly after I wrote that scene, a miserable block set in. I fussed and fidgeted for what seemed like weeks before it happened.

The general store near my North Country cabin is a handy place to pick up odds and ends when I’m there for the weekend. On this particular weekend, I noticed a new supply of children’s fleece jackets. Always on the lookout for the next unique item with which to spoil my “Grands,” I held one up for closer inspection. And then I heard the words that were hauntingly familiar. “I don’t think it will fit.” I turned and smiled at the man standing behind me. He’ll never know how his words served as the catalyst to motivate me.

Serendipity. Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t exist. It does.

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