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A tale of your own…

I had the pleasure of attending the Pittsburg Ridge Runners Christmas Fair up in Pittsburg, New Hampshire this past weekend where I held a book signing. I was overwhelmed to see so many of my readers turn out in support of Loon Cove. To all of you…Thank you!

Many of you had stories to share; some as rich in character and spirit as the people who live and play in the Great North Woods. My next book, tentatively titled Lakeside Lodge will surely include snippets of these stories as well as others, which brings me to ask a favor from you, my readers.

As you know my imagination can be quite vivid. But my inspiration is taken from everyday people doing extraordinary things. Therefore, I invite you to share more stories of your North Country experiences with me (confidentially, of course!). Please take a moment jot down your thoughts and send along to me through the "Contact me" link at the top of this page. Do you know an unforgettable character? How about an unusual event or act of North Country neighborliness? Tell me your favorite tale from the 45th Parallel!

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