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Feeeeeed Me!

Many years ago, we took our sons to the Hackmatack Playhouse in Berwick, Maine. Little Shop of Horrors was on the bill and it was a perfect entrée to Summer Theater for a ten and eleven year old naturally obsessed with all things creepy.

From the moment the curtains parted, they were hooked. While the antics of Audrey and Seymour may have been a bit over their heads, they were certainly enamored with Audrey 2 and her voracious appetite for all things edible or otherwise. For weeks afterward they would chase their golden retriever around the house with hands shaped like giant mouths opening and closing shouting “Feed me, feed me!” The poor dog didn’t know whether to be traumatized or delighted by the attention.

I’ve pondered why I seem to recall this story now and it suddenly dawned on me. Many of your reviews have mentioned that you can’t wait for my next book. “Feed me, feed me,” you seem to say. I feel a little like Seymour trying to keep Audrey 2 from starving. Your feedback on Loon Cove is inspiring and I must say the pressure is on to out-do myself. I hope that I will achieve this goal with Lakeside Lodge.

I’ve asked for stories of your most memorable characters and you have been feeding them to me, however, just as with Audrey 2, I’d like more. So that I can “feed you” please continue to send them along. I love them and I thank you, my faithful readers for keeping in touch. Stay warm and keep reading!

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