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It must be the Scotch in me. . .

Occasionally someone will ask why I decided to make Seamus and Gillian former residents of Nova Scotia. Well, beside the fact that their migration to New Hampshire's North Country seemed logical, their Scottish ancestry added depth and color to my story. That―and the fact that I have Scottish roots myself. Indeed, I have relatives that call Nova Scotia home today. (Loon Cove is a big hit up in Yarmouth, I've been told!)

Seamus' character seemed to evolve naturally and was the easiest personality to create. His humor was the perfect antidote to Audrey's melancholy; his wisdom instinctive. And he was conservative, as are so many in the North Country. He missed his native Scotland but brought much of the old world with him through his stories.

So, here is a tribute to Seamus. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards playing one of my favorite songs, "Time To Say Goodbye" ~ Scotland.

(Tip - hit the "mute" on Land of the Loon soundbar)

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