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The sweet smell of mud

Are you as weary of winter as I am? As I write this, the first rain since Christmas is falling in my neck of New Hampshire and it is welcomed!

What is it about human nature that causes one to be so impatient with the changing of seasons?

Tiring of the dog days of August, I yearned for the crisp clear mornings that signaled my sapphire morning glories to pack up their act for another year.

I welcomed the cool sweatshirt days of September. There was nothing more delightful than curling up on my deck lounger with the Sunday papers, soaking up the last vestiges of the sun's warmth, all the while knowing that soon it would be time for campfires and marshmallows.

Before long, when the trees had given up their leaves and the countryside had become barren I found myself anxiously awaiting the transformation to a winter wonderland. And if it happened before the holidays, so much the better.

But it is a week before the first day of spring and there is still a foot and a half of snow in my front yard. The deer (all nine of them) are still coming around for their nightly feeding and Town Meeting has come and gone. It is time….

I find myself searching for signs and although subtle , they are here. The Decorah eagles have laid their eggs (three again this year) and birthing season has started at my favorite goat farm. The buds are swelling on the branches and our mallards are doing daily fly-overs to check the progress of ice-out on our farm pond. We had seven ducklings last year. And finally, the ice in my driveway has given way to mud. I like to think of it as New Hampshire’s fifth season.

So here is a video and a couple of pictures that depict the renewal of life. (If you want to see the video of these little cuties being born, click here).

Isn't that what spring is all about?

Stay well, my friends.

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Goat1 Baby Goat
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