Nature’s Beauty

Last summer, while out in our kayaks, my husband and I watched a bald eagle circle the sky above us. An early morning mist rose from the lake as he rode the thermals hunting for his breakfast and it was a mesmerizing sight; one that quickly ended when he tucked his wings tightly into his body and dove toward the water. His taloned feet outstretched, he snatched an unsuspecting trout from the waves and flew with it thrashing and flapping to a lone bull pine where he settled with his meal.

For those of you who will never have the privilege of seeing such a wonder, here is the next best thing. The live feed of this Decorah Eagle is brought to you compliments of the Raptor Resource Project out of Iowa.

The nest is 80 feet up in a Cottonwood tree and weighs 1.5 tons. She has three chicks and if you're lucky, you'll catch her or her mate feeding them.

Update - January 27, 2012

Love is in the air!

The Decorah Eagles are in courtship. We don't know when eggs will be laid for sure, but will be starting our vigil on February 14th.

Video clips at Ustream

Pamela Lord, Teller of New Hampshire Tales

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