The spirit who loved children – Part 2

Convinced that she had been dreaming, Cindy shrugged off the experience. She continued working with Doug and soon their house became a home.  Closet space was limited in the old house and they had to hang their clothes in what would someday be their upstairs bedroom. For now, though it was merely an attic.

“Doug, I know we can’t afford to finish off the upstairs this year, but do you think we could at least wall off the area that will be the walk-in closet? I’m tired of the kids playing hide and seek among our clothes when I let them go up there to play with their slot cars.”

Weeks later, a new walk-in closet held their clothes and Cindy was elated.  Doug had built the closet large enough to not only store their clothes, but Cindy’s boxes of craft supplies; he even built a little sewing area for Cindy to get away to. It was spacious and blocked off the entire front of the attic.

“It’s beautiful,” she said as she hugged her husband. “I love it, especially my sewing area. Now I can leave my machine set up without the kids getting into everything.” 

Doug grinned. “Just make sure to lock the door when you’re not up here,” he said pointing to the hook and eye latch at the top of the door. “We don’t need to heat the attic when they’re not playing.”

Summer turned to fall and with that came evening school meetings. Cindy didn’t mind, though because with Doug working nights it provided her with an opportunity for adult company.  It was following one of those meetings that with the boys in tow, she turned the key in the lock and stepped into the dimly lit kitchen.

“Go get your pajamas on,” she said to the boys. “I’ll be in to read you a story in a minute.” Her words were punctuated with crash that startled even the children. Cindy’s mind raced. Was someone in the house? Instinctively she grabbed a butcher knife from the drawer and clasped it to her chest.  She waited and listened. Silence. Slowly she walked into the living room turning on lights as she went. She glanced around but saw nothing out of the way, so she flipped the switch to the light at the top of the stairs. The latch was still engaged. 

Cindy breathed a sigh of relief.  Yet weeks later she still wondered what could have made such a horrific crash from the area of her new walk-in closet for, when she went up to inspect the next day, nothing had been disturbed.

To be continued...

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