The spirit who loved children – Part 3

As time went on, Doug was transferred to a day position. That meant more family time, but it also required Cindy to hire a babysitter for the boys. Her teenage sister, Jill was happy to oblige.

Jill loved the boys and they loved her. But they took advantage of their aunt, especially when Cindy and Jill’s youngest sister spent the day. Megan was as mischievous as her nearly same age nephews. So when they nagged Jill to let them go up to the attic to play with their slot cars, she gave in although she’d been told to keep them downstairs.

The three of them sat cross-legged on the attic floor, their fingers glued to the trigger throttles that controlled the miniature cars. They raced around the figure-eight track at break neck speed.

"Hey, you guys, it’s time for lunch, Jill yelled from the foot of the stairs.

“Just a minute,” Megan hollered down for all of them.

“I said NOW!”

Megan sighed. “Okay, guys. She’s getting cranky. We’d better get going.”

They each made a face toward the attic door, but dropped their throttles and scrambled to their feet.

“Don’t forget to lock the door,” Jill reminded them. “I don’t want your mother to find out I let you go up there.”

Megan scrunched her nose toward her big sister and herded the boys down over the stairs.  She closed the door and was reaching for the lock when she heard the sound. Slowly she reopened the door.

All four of the slot cars were racing each other around the track.

To be continued…

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One Response to The spirit who loved children – Part 3

  1. stephanie sawyer says:

    This megan girl sound like alot of fun! Lucky nephews!

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