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First of all, I am a native of New Hampshire. I’ve never lived anywhere else, and although I love to travel, the best trip is always the one that leads me back home. My husband shares my opinion, and for that reason (as well as so many others) I adore him. We are very fortunate to live where the Lakes Region and the Seacoast meet, allowing us to be at the beach, the mountains or the lake in less than an hour.

When I’m not writing, kayaking (or snowmobiling, depending on the season), playing with my “Grands,” or working my day job, I crochet. I like to crochet lots of things, but mostly I crochet afghans—or more recently it seems, carriage robes; the more intricate the design, the better. I get bored looping the yarn over the hook the same way, creating the same stitch, transforming it into the same pattern over and over again, so I like to make samplers. No two sections are the same; some patterns are difficult to create while others are simple. But in the end when the pieces are assembled, they represent a cohesive and usually quite beautiful accomplishment.

In many ways, my life has been similar to a sampler.

The oldest of five daughters, I enjoyed the benefits of being on only child for the first five years of my life; thereafter I became the oldest of the "brood." As a child of the sixties, life was about as complicated as worrying if I'd land a date for Saturday night–for failure to do so meant staying home with the folks and watching Lawrence Welk.

The pattern grew more intricate in adulthood when my two sons came along. Sometimes it seemed there weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done and still have time to be the mother I wanted to be. Balancing work and life—it’s no different today than it was almost forty years ago, except there were no microwaves, cell phones or internet.

And then, there were times when the sampler came unraveled altogether.

I’ve mentioned that I am a grandmother. Yes, I know, what’s so special about that? A lot of women are, aren’t they? I suppose that’s true, except to say that my two “Grands” are the window that opened following the closing of a door. You see, although I have two sons, one now lives with God.

It is to him that I dedicate Loon Cove.

Erich loved to hunt, fish, hike and snowmobile. He loved people and animals equally. Simply put—he loved life. I like to think that he might have chosen a career in wildlife management had he lived.

And so, who is Pamela Lord you may ask? I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt and a grandmother. I am a writer, businesswoman, sportsperson, crocheter and sometimes mender of afghans.

To some degree, aren’t we all?

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